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I am a designer, specializing in brand identity and digital design, moonlighting as a textile artist. I love to learn, create, and collaborate.


I’m actively looking for new work — independent design consultancy, full-time design leadership roles, the lot. For more about me and my work history, please shoot me an email at Of course, if you’d like to just say hello, that’s fine, too.

Find me on the ‘gram at @KatyGarrison if you enjoy cat photos or on LinkedIn if you want to be professional about it. 

Where I'm from: Indiana

Where I'm at: Florida

Sign: Sagittarius

Personality Type: ENFP

Love Language: Gifts & Words of Affirmation

Known Enemies: Humidity, Bad Lighting​

Brand Strategy / Identity & Branding / Print, Digital & Web / Art Direction / UI UX Design / Environmental & Exhibition


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