Native Sun


Native Sun Natural Foods Market is Jacksonville’s homegrown natural and organic grocer with a mission of making healthy living simple, delicious, and affordable. I have had the unique pleasure of working with Native Sun on a variety of projects over the span of 10 years, both as a freelancer and with agencies I was working with at the time. 

My Role

Brand Identity
Wayfinding Design

Website Design

Other Credits:

nGen Works


After the visual identity was established, we moved on to create a coherent visual language based on the logo that would follow the same visual style. Business cards, shopping bags, interior and exterior signage, and casual staff uniforms, were created that were inspired by food and nature.


When Native Sun approached me in 2018  to help position Native Sun as a one-stop shop as part of a healthy lifestyle. I knew Brunet-García, whom I was working for at the time, would be the perfect partner to get the job done. Working closely with the internal team at Native Sun, we delivered a brand awareness campaign around the theme of unexpected but relatable life situations that could inspire the target audience to “Go Native” for fresh and delicious food for every diet.


Introducing fresh design concepts increased sales across all existing locations by 30% and ultimately resulted in the expansion of the brand footprint to additional locations.